[strongSwan-dev] About multiple child sa, with same host & destination ip addr pair

Sriram Raghunathan sriram.r at nsn.com
Thu Mar 26 12:36:36 CET 2015


Could you let me know about the problem that I've explained below:

This is a log, I've captured from one of the setups, running 

There seems to be a duplicate entry for the same destination & source 
addr child sa pair.

       conn12[262]: ESTABLISHED 8 minutes ago,[]...[]
       conn12[262]: IKE SPIs: 61eebfcfbde117bf_i 6939a8f12fc12e91_r*, 
rekeying in 95 minutes
       conn12[262]: IKE proposal: 
*  conn12{245}:  INSTALLED, TUNNEL, ESP SPIs: cfdad3fe_i cfc7aea7_o*
       conn12{245}:  3DES_CBC/HMAC_SHA1_96, 0 bytes_i, 0 bytes_o, 
rekeying in 38 minutes
*conn12{245}: === *
*conn12{250}:  INSTALLED, TUNNEL, ESP SPIs: ca3fc3e2_i c4be685b_o*
       conn12{250}:  3DES_CBC/HMAC_SHA1_96, 0 bytes_i, 0 bytes_o, 
rekeying in 42 minutes
*c**onn12{250}: === *

I tried to solve this by writing a small api, which checks if the entry 
already exists with the ike_sa -> child_sas linked_list_t. But as I was 
developing it, found out that the linked_list_t is not a pair i.e
  { dst_addr, host_addr } pair.

From, child_sa_t {};, i see them as two separate linked lists, which of 
course makes it difficult to derive a pair of {dst_addr, host_addr } for 
which I could compare an incoming child_cfg_t { }; . Could you please 
let me know how to go about this bug?

Thanks for the time.

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