[strongSwan-dev] HA : config loading and resyncing

Emeric POUPON emeric.poupon at stormshield.eu
Tue Mar 10 15:37:37 CET 2015


Thanks for your support.
I started by changing the default value too, but I was still not pleased with that (had to put quite a big value to make sure it works even with a high debug level)
Finally, I decided to add the relevant events (see attached patch).

This solves my problem, but maybe there is something better to do?


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> I have a very large ipsec.conf file. When the HA plugin is initializing
> it requests a resynchronization, 1 second later:

> It looks like we would need a new kind of event to tell charon's ha
> plugin it can start?

While this could make sense, it is actually difficult to know from the
daemon side when starter has completed loading connections.

Alternatively, we might consider making that 1s timeout configurable,
and at the same time use a somewhat more conservative default of 3s.


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