[strongSwan-dev] SNMP and Strongswan

Gerd v. Egidy lists at egidy.de
Wed Mar 4 18:37:54 CET 2015

> As it turns out, I am accustomed to IETF work (RFC-1048 and RFC-1051) though
> it’s been a while, obviously.  I was on the MIB WG back in the 90’s, and
> worked on the IGMP MIB and an XNS MIB that died a slow death (the writing
> was on the wall back then that everything was converging on IP anyway).

good to know.

> I’ll need to ask my employer if I can throw the cycles at this.

If you plan to go that route, I'd suggest that you do a comprehensive research 
about all the vendor specific MIBs that are out there before you start 
designing your own.
> We could always come up with a generic enough MIB of our own, implement it,
> and then try to argue it with the IETF… and if it gets approved, it’s a
> simple matter to change the root of the OID tree to the IANA assigned
> string…

Most probably there will be some improvements / changes due to comments from 
other WG members. Depending on the level of these changes you'll have to do 
more or less adaption work on the implementation for Strongswan. 

So I guess creating the Strongswan implementation first and doing the RFC later 
will result in more work. But you'll gain faster results and practical user 
experience with the proposed MIB.

Kind regards,


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