[strongSwan-dev] Charon support for multiple connection objects?

Andreas Steffen andreas.steffen at strongswan.org
Wed Jan 28 11:27:42 CET 2015

Hi Vishal,

IPsec intrinsically does not allow dynamic load sharing because the
route for  the encapsulated payload traffic must me unique. There is
a possibility though to set up three host-to-host IPsec tunnels between
A and B over three distinct network interfaces: A1 == B1, A2 == B2, and
A3 == B3 and then run the GRE protocol over each of the three tunnels.
You can then run OSPF over GRE to do dynamic load balancing for the
payload traffic originating from a network behind A to a network behind

Best regards


On 01/28/2015 10:34 AM, KOTALWAR, VISHAL wrote:
> ​Any help is appreciated ...
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> Hello All,
>     I am a new comer to Strongswan so pardon me in case I do some mistakes.
> I am using 4.5.0 version and will have to stick to the same for some
> reasons. I have 2 nodes A & B, connected to each other via 3 different
> links (not in same LAN off course). So there will be 3 active peers for
> each side. I want to have active VPN tunnels between A & B which do the
> load sharing and support failover for each other. That means 3
> connection objects and somebody told me that Charon doesn’t support that.
> 1.       is that true?
> 2.       Why?
> 3.       If No; will it adversely affect charon if we patch it to do so?
> Regards,
> Vishal V. Kotalwar
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