[strongSwan-dev] TLS negotiation failing on power pc 64

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Mon Jan 12 14:20:31 CET 2015


> I tested your patch on ppc64 and it works as expected.

Thanks for testing, I've applied the patch to master.

> I still think that resetting record "type" to an initial/default value
> before passing it to build function in the while loop in tls.c would be
> better than just passing an uninitialized or without resetting to an
> initial value.

I don't agree. The "type" argument is an output-only parameter, that is
it is set only by the called function. Previous initialization is
therefore not required. We certainly should test for the returned value
only if a record has been actually built, but this is ensured by that


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