[strongSwan-dev] Android client hacking

Alexander Sbitnev alexander.sbitnev at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 17:52:49 CET 2014

   Hi there!
   I am trying to add IKEv1 support into StrongSwan Android client.
   I was arrogant enough to bluntly try to force Android client to use 
IKEv1 instead of IKEv2.
I just change IKEV2 to IKEV1 inside initiate() function from 
android_service.c and result wasn't quite exciting (not a big surprise).
Client failed to proceed with phase1 with error:
05[IKE] no RSA private key found for 'O=StrongSwan Test, CN=StrongSwan 
Test Client1'

and at the daemon start there is nothing about any problems with a 
private key:
09[CFG] loaded user certificate 'O=StrongSwan Test, CN=StrongSwan Test 
Client1' and private key
09[CFG] loaded CA certificate 'O=StrongSwan Test, CN=StrongSwan Test CA'

Can anyone recommend directions to look into for those credential 
manager problems?

Also I've found there is some kind of problem with debugging of client 
Native parts. At least with Eclipse IDE.
Somehow debug build use no debugging options and as results native code 
libraries contain no debugging info.
Even if I force NDK_DEBUG=1, APP_OPTIM=debug as options and libraries 
created with debug info, still inside gdb loaded libraries reported as 
containing no debug info. So breakpoints have no effect.
Is there any know approach for Android client to debug?
Or is it only logs can be used to find out that is going on inside?

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