[strongSwan-dev] IKE_AUTH with IDi and IDr

Peter Hsiang phsiang at nvidia.com
Sat Aug 30 00:04:14 CEST 2014

The 3GPP TS 33.402 spec (rel12) chapter 8.2.2 (top of page 33) says that the first IKE_AUTH request sends the user identity (in IDi payload) and the APN information (in the IDr payload).
Looking at the Strongswan source, I did not find any implementation of sending the APN in the IDr ?
Looking at RFC 4306 for the packet format, there is no mentioning of APN.
Does anyone know if the APN is required, and what the IKE_AUTH message might use it for?

Related code:
- libcharon/encoding/payloads/id_payload.c
- libcharon/encoding/message.c
- libcharon/sa/ikev2/tasks/ike_auth.c  (method build_i)

The comment in method build_i suggests that IDr is optional?


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