[strongSwan-dev] How to implement strongswan up and down using SMP?

Vadim Kuznetsov rics at ideco.ru
Mon Aug 18 13:16:21 CEST 2014


I'd like to implement the equivalent of commands "strongswan up <connectionname>"
and "strongswan down <connectionname>" using SMP plugin. To do that I'm sending
these messages to charon:

1) strongswan up:

<message type="request" id="1">
<message type="request" id="2">

2) strongswan down:

<message type="request" id="3">
<message type="request" id="4">

It works fine, but I'm still not sure is that the complete equivalent? And I've got
a couple of questions:

1) What happens to strongSwan server if my program would be terminated unexpectedly
before sending the second message? I mean:

- "childsaterminate" was sent and processed successfully;
- program's going to send "ikesaterminate";
- program dies before sending;
- ???

2) Are these SMP messages synchronous? Do they guarantee that the current action
(IKE/child initiation or termination) is complete (with or without error)?

Thanks in advance,

Vadim Kuznetsov,
GNU/Linux Software Developer

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