[strongSwan-dev] [PATCH] starter: Don't monitor child if debugger is attached

Thomas Egerer thomas.egerer at secunet.com
Fri Aug 8 11:27:36 CEST 2014

Hi Martin,

On 08/08/2014 10:08 AM, Martin Willi wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
>> Which reminds me of this tiny patch I have in stash. It would
>> certainly be helpful if the starter did not watch charon
>> with gdb attached.
> Thanks for the patch. After pushing that to master, I've noticed that
> this change has an unwanted side effect: starter does not wait for
> charon startup, but just goes on. This implies that it tries to load
> ipsec.conf through the stroke interface, which is not available. On my
> system, this breaks configuration loading.
Ouch, you're right. That's pretty stupid, how could I not see this?

> Should we instead just wait indefinitely before returning here?
Yes of course, looks like the only sensible way to me. Fixed version
of the patch is attached.

Thanks, Thomas
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