[strongSwan-dev] gdb and IPsec does not seem to work

Sebastian Wurst wurstsebastian80 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 19:02:21 CEST 2013


What is the correct way to debug charon with GDB?

I was trying to start charon under gdb with following command:

ipsec start --attach-gdb

Unfortunately, whenever I press ctrl+c to interrupt charon, things go bad
due to starter process trying to monitor charon process healthiness. Here
is output from STDOUT:

13[IKE] giving up after 0 retransmits
13[IKE] establishing IKE_SA failed, peer not responding
starter_stop_charon(): charon does not respond, sending KILL
charon stopped after 8200 ms
ipsec starter stopped

After those lines are printed, gdb and starter processes die. Though, ps
indicates that charon is actually still running (yes charon and not the
starter process).

Also, If I only use breakpoints to interrupt charon, then charon gets
restarted by starter process every 2 seconds or so:

(gdb) charon too long to start... - kill kill

I am using gdb 7.4 and strongswan 5.0.4 & 4.6.4.

Best regards,
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