[strongSwan-dev] [StrongSwan]: Not able to install certificate

jegathesh malaiyappan mjegakathir at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 06:18:53 CET 2013


I try to install the certificates (private key, Ca certificate). But i am
getting the following error.


2004-01-01T00:21:13.823670+00:00 10 [info]      pluto[12147]:  exception
caught in cra_rsa_private_key_load invalid argument value, function: could
not load private key argument: /etc/ipsec.d/private/privkey.crk

2004-01-01T00:21:13.824155+00:00 10 [info]      pluto[12147]:  building
CRED_PRIVATE_KEY - RSA failed, tried 8 builders

2004-01-01T00:21:13.824477+00:00 10 [warning]   pluto[12147]:    syntax
error in private key file

2004-01-01T00:21:13.824641+00:00 10 [warning]   pluto[12147]:
"/etc/ipsec.secrets" line 2: Private key file -- could not be loaded

2004-01-01T00:21:13.825086+00:00 10 [info]      pluto[12147]:    opening
'/etc/ipsec.d/certs/btsCert.pem' failed: No such file or directory

2004-01-01T00:21:13.825481+00:00 10 [info]      pluto[12147]:  building
CRED_CERTIFICATE - PLUTO_CERT failed, tried 2 builders

2004-01-01T00:21:13.825605+00:00 10 [warning]   pluto[12147]:  added
connection description "conn1"

2004-01-01T00:22:00.926828+00:00 10 [notice]    BTS_SW/tmgr:  killall:
whack: no process killed

2004-01-01T00:22:00.938182+00:00 10 [notice]    BTS_SW/tmgr:  killall:
stroke: no process killed

2004-01-01T00:22:00.977373+00:00 10 [info]      charon:  14[IKE] initiating
IKE_SA conn1[2] to


Anybody have an idea of this issue? Please help me on this.



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