[strongSwan-dev] Configuring "leftdns" to %config4 amn/or %config6

RIOU, DOMINIQUE VZ (DOMINIQUE) dominique.riou at alcatel-lucent.com
Thu Jan 3 16:27:46 CET 2013

On a strongswan client configuration, when for example (in /etc/ipsec.conf) leftdns=%config4,%config4 and on the server there are in the configuration: rightdns=,,fec0::1,fec0::2 (2 IPv4 and 2 IPv6 addresses), I expect receiving only the 2 IPv4 addresses in environment variables PLUTO_DNS4_1 and PLUTO_DNS4_2. But, I also received PLUTO_DNS6_1 and PLUTO_DNS6_2 with the 2 IPv6 addresses.

Moreover, if leftdns parameter is not defined in /etc/ipsec.conf on client side, the environment variables PLUTO_DNS4_1, PLUTO_DNS4_2, PLUTO_DNS6_1 and PLUTO_DNS6_2 are likewise set with DNS IP addresses from the server.

My question is: What is the aim of setting the parameter "leftdns" with %config4 or %config6, if the server or local strongswan does not take into account ?


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