[strongSwan-dev] Trouble with Android OpenSSL git

Vallevand, Mark K Mark.Vallevand at UNISYS.com
Mon Sep 10 16:58:00 CEST 2012

The git worked (http).  Thanks.  Yes, I suspect the git port is blocked.  I think every git I've done has been http.

I have built other apps that use both sdk and ndk.  It works.  I suspect this will work, too.  However, this step:
  ./autogen.sh && ./configure && make dist
might be an issue.  I'll try again soon.

Mark K Vallevand   Mark.Vallevand at Unisys.com
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Hi Mark,

> The git is failing:
> Cloning into 'jni/openssl'...
> fatal: unable to connect to git.strongswan.org:
> git.strongswan.org[0:]: errno=No error

Could be that port 9418 (Git) is blocked on your end.  Using http did in
fact not work for this repository but that should be fixed now.

> I’m using Windows 7 Enterprise edition 

Interesting, let me know how that works out.  The only platforms that
were tested so far for building the App are Linux and Mac OS X.


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