[strongSwan-dev] AUTH4 check fails with Blackberry device but works fine with Android, anyone any ideas?

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Wed Nov 21 09:46:10 CET 2012

Hi Alan,

> I finally fixed this issue with RIM devices. The problem was the
> Reserved Field in the IDi sent by the RIM. It was putting junk in this
> field.

I see.

> The RFC says the receiver should ignore the field and use zeros but
> charon was using the junk.

This is not true for this special case. While RESERVED fields should be
ignored, here the full payload is part of the data that gets hashed for
the AUTH payload.

We initially used just zeros to create the hash, but the general consent
is that it was wrong: we must use those bytes actually found in the
RESERVED field [1]. We changed this some time ago to fix compatibility
with other implementations.

> It's just a simple one line change.

It is, but I can't push this without breaking compatibility with other
implementations. The best thing would be if RIM can fix these two RFC
5996 violations (or just one of them), send zero RESERVED bytes and use
the RESERVED bytes to calculate the AUTH payload.

If RIM is unable to fix this, we need a way to detect such broken
devices (Vendor ID payload?) and use your work around just for them.



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