[strongSwan-dev] Bug in starter (confread.h)

Владимир Подобаев vpodobaev at mail.ru
Fri Jan 13 13:36:35 CET 2012


I have found a bug in starter which occurs on 64bit systems.
In confread.h file in struct starter_config the following fields are defined:
u_int    crlcheckinterval;
u_int    keep_alive;

u_int is typedefed as unsigned int, which is still 32 bit wide on 64 bit systems.
But these fields are defined as ARG_TIME in token_info. And then they are referenced as time_t which is 64 bit wide on 64 bit systems.
The bug reflects on 'cachecrls' field which overwritten by 'crlcheckinterval'.

Please, check other u_int and ARG_TIME fields. Maybe there are some more bugs.

Best regards, Vladimir

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