[strongSwan-dev] How to disable Extended sequence number support from SS5 code

yordanos beyene yordanosb at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 07:03:13 CEST 2012

Hello SS team,

I appreciate any help on how to disable "Extended sequence number
support (ESN)" in strongSwan 5.0.0. code. I am integrating SS 5.0.0.
to my development environment  that uses an older kernel version
(2.6.34), and I am getting the following error when I start charon

 00[KNL] unable to set IPSEC_POLICY on socket: Operation not supported.

I started commenting the code that refers to ESN as a first step but
it quite a lot of work and is getting unmanageable. I though someone
may give me a better direction.

I prefer to disable ESN instead of patching my kernel to limited other
side effects to other code,

I really appreciate your support!


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