[strongSwan-dev] PATCH [0/2]: Implement clock_gettime() so that strongSwan can compile on OS X

J. Tang tang at jtang.org
Mon Nov 7 04:40:17 CET 2011

Commit 1b0eff58 (Implemented algorithm benchmarking during  
registration, applied 2010-08-16) modified libstrongswan/crypto/ 
crypto_tester.c to use clock_gettime() to measure time. This function  
does not exist in OS X (at least as of 10.6; I don't have access to a  
10.7 system), and thus strongSwan does not compile from source.  The  
following patches add a substitute clock_gettime() function that  
calls gettimeofday() for systems that lack a real clock_gettime().  
Although gettimeofday() is not as precise, it should be good enough  
for testing purposes.

Jason Tang  /  tang at jtang.org

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