[strongSwan-dev] load-tester plugin modification

Gerry Travlos G.Travlos at mycosmos.gr
Fri Jul 29 11:44:21 CEST 2011


I'm interested in modifying the load-tester plugin, so as to be able to use it with traffic.
I've gone through the load-tester wiki documentation and code and I would welcome any hints to get started with.
Here are some first issues that came into mind:

1) Which is the main missing functionality that restricts load-tester from taking traffic?

2) Is load-tester plugin the only part of the code that needs to be modified? Or should I look elsewhere as well?

3) Am I after big and many changes or something trivial?

4) I've seen revision 015c1568: "Don't simulate traffic on load-tester kernel interface". Is this correction made in order not to allow traffic simulation?

5) Something else that I should take into account?

Thanks a lot,
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