[strongSwan-dev] CentOS/Fedora RPM packages

Gerd v. Egidy lists at egidy.de
Tue Jan 25 12:12:43 CET 2011

Hi Yaron,

> I would like to install Strongswan on an Amazon Linux (a variant of
> CentOS, AFAIU), and I need it to be from a binary package. A while ago
> Johannes and Gerd worked on Fedora packaging, which would probably
> answer my need.
> - I can see the "source RPM" here:
> http://developer.intra2net.com/git/?p=strongswan-rpm. Can I find
> anywhere the final RPM? Is it available in a "stable" location?

we haven't continued our work yet because the selinux profiles used in Fedora 
and RHEL/Centos have to be adapted to make strongswan work. Neither me nor 
Johannes have had the time yet to learn selinux enough to do this. But it is 
still on my todo-list.

We encourage anybody to help us with this.

Kind regards,


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