[strongSwan-dev] MOBIKE and UDP traffic

Patricia de Noriega pnoriega at it.uc3m.es
Mon Apr 18 17:00:42 CEST 2011


I'm testing MOBIKE with strongswan 4.5.0 in two UML instances. I did some
tests between them by activatiing and deactivating client interfaces and
I've noted the following error appears always when the handover is needed
for the used interface. For example, if I'm sending UDP traffic (iperf
command) by the eth0 and I deactivate eth0 (it is sent the UPD_SA_ADDR to
change to the eth1 interface and the result is succesfull).

03[KNL] received netlink error: No such process (3)
03[KNL] error uninstalling route installed with policy === fwd
03[KNL] received netlink error: Invalid argument (22)

I've checked the charon.log file in both hosts and it seems that handover
was performed, but traffic doesn't redirect to the new interface. However,
sometimes I perform a handover again and it works, but just using 3
interfaces on the client host.

Should this error be a bug? I think it could be since sometimes it works
with the same configuration.

Best regards.
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