[strongSwan-dev] SQL and key IDs

J. Tang tang at jtang.org
Tue May 4 05:11:22 CEST 2010

I am trying to work through the example SQL statements in testing/ 
tests/sql/rw-cert/hosts/carol/etc/ipsec.d/data.sql.  For the second  

INSERT INTO identities (
   type, data
) VALUES ( /* keyid of 'C=CH, O=Linux strongSwan, CN=strongSwan Root  
CA' */
   11, X'5da7dd700651327ee7b66db3b5e5e060ea2e4def'

Where did the key ID come from?  I tried:

   scripts/key2keyid < strongswanCert.der

where strongswanCert.der is the x509 DER-encoded certificate stored  
on line 38 of data.sql.  I keep getting the error:

   "unable to parse input key."

The same occurs when I try scripts/key2keyid.

My question is, how do I determine which key ID should be placed in  
the SQL statements?

Jason Tang  /  tang at jtang.org

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