[strongSwan-dev] Embedded application integration - best practice

Ian Hailey ihailey at 88project.com
Thu Mar 4 18:17:26 CET 2010


I am hoping someone could offer some advice on how people "normally" go about integrating a controlling app with StrongSwan, after a quick look I can see a few ways are possible:

1.) Use the normal config files and invoke the ipsec script (no way of getting indications?).
2.) Write a Charon plugin (like the NM plugin, I quite like this approach).
3.) Use DBUS and the NM plugin (I have no idea about DBUS).
4.) Re-use the Stroke API (probably not a good idea).

My aim is to:

1.) Programatically configure StrongSwan (Charon).
2.) Be able to up/down connections.
3.) Get indications when connections go down (e.g. through DPD).

What are the GPL implications of writing a plugin, I assume it would also become GPL?



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