[strongSwan-dev] Pluto Fails to Parse Cert

William Bloom william.bloom at kinetx.com
Sat Jul 3 04:56:37 CEST 2010

I have a 4.4.0 installation of strongSwan on one RHEL51 box, on which I've configured a CA using 'ipsec pki ...' as described on the strongswan online docs, as well as on a RHEL46 box which attempts to establish a VPN to a Cisco ASA.  I generated RSA 2048 keys for the CA and the client, self-signed a new CA cert which I then used to issue a cert for the client.  All straightforward.  I installed the CA cert and client cert/key on the client, leaving everything in DER format.  Pluto opens these files and progresses nominally, at first, with the parse and then appears to choke at the point of 'subjectPublicKeyInfo'.  With 'plutodebug=all', the following appears in /var/log/secure...

    L2 - subjectPublicKeyInfo:
    -- > --
    -- < --

  002   error in X.509 certificate

Yet 'openssl x509 -in cacert.der -inform DER -text -noout' parses the cert successfully and reports the subject public key properly.  Might there be a DER problem, should I try PEM (it seems unlikely, I know)?


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