[strongSwan-dev] [PATCH] Flush messages to file after logging.

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Thu Apr 29 09:24:37 CEST 2010


> When configuring strongSwan to use a file logger the log output
> to that file is only written when charon is shutdown or the file
> buffer is full. This change flushes the log messages on each log
> call.

While it makes sense to flush each line in most setups, this will slow
down gateways with very high throughput significantly. I think we should
have a logger option to configure the flushing behavior.

We could add a "flush_line" option in the logger section (and we would
have to fix that "dots interpreted as section delimiter"-bug in the
logger configuration).

What about configuring the flush behavior with setlinebuf() instead of
calling flush() after each line? We could do this directly in daemon.c.


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